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Urgent need — GoFundMe update

I don’t like bringing messages like this, but it also doesn’t pay to be silent.


I’m in a “moment.”  God willing, it will be, and I believe it will be, a moment; but it is what it is.  For the moment, I’m in urgent need.

As of 12:30 Friday 04/29/16, I have $6 cash and some change.  The first $50 GoFundMe raised, has been exhausted; my bank balance is too low for me to be able to use the card.  I will shortly pick up some prescriptions, but not all, as there are a couple $1 co-pays I can’t pay.  The shelter has waived my rent through Monday, but they’re not going to do this forever.

Anything anyone can manage to give at this moment will be most appreciated.

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* Beginning job search: A rough start

12:22 pm.  I would far prefer, for my readers’ sake, to present a wholly cheery picture of my optimistic, upbeat, highly motivated self just charging into the job search full speed.  (Any other clichés I can use?)

Turns out that might not be wholly honest.  If folk are to have an understanding of how difficult the job search is, and why so many people balk at it, then it may be necessary to talk about the dark side also.

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o GoFundMe update

I’ve now updated my resume and have a PRETTY online version — but haven’t found a way to make the online version public. All the display sites I found demand graphics, and I am, like, SOOOO not into visuals.

There is also the limitation that, were I to connect to an online version from here, it would “blow the cover” of my stage name.

I might find a way to make it available to donors on request (hint, hint) …

Meanwhile, I can’t take lots of time trying to create a nice web page that won’t directly be involved in my finding work — at McDonald’s, or Dunkin’ Donuts, or 7-Eleven, etc. I probably should update my resume at CareerBuilder and Indeed; but otherwise, it’s time to start submitting actual applications online (e.g. Target, Save-A-Lot) and pounding the pavements.

Wish me luck!

* Don’t mess with the Easter bunny …

Don’t mess with the Easter bunny …Anarchy in the streetsWhy Trump is winningThe stewardess took her shoes off and ranReturn of the drama queenAnd if he’d been white?

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* Wolves in sheep’s clothing

I am at a difficult juncture.

My immediate material situation requires that, like never before in my life, I practice what I preach; care for myself; work in my own self-interest; be “here-now-can;” “keep the focus on me;” live by the Serenity Prayer.  These are what I counsel any poor person to do.  These are what I most emphatically now must do myself.

This entails dis-attending to all the current social turmoil.

It entails turning a deaf ear and blind eye to many messages, insistent messages, particularly coming from those who claim to have the best interests of the poor (like me) at heart.

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* Naughty girls ISO the Kingdom

I have been spending lots of time at church during the week. I took to looking askance at two particular neighborhood teens who participate in a number of our programs — garden club, after-school, youth group — because they seem to manage always to be in the wrong place (an unauthorized place) at the wrong time, and Shontay in particular wears this mischievous grin, as if she’s looking for trouble.

One Sunday in mid-November, my attitude toward them changed completely.

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o Update 04/06/16 – Housing, Job search

(You can click here.)

I am facing urgent, drastic changes.  To find new housing, I may wind up in a distant location.  It may be difficult to get to church; it may become impossible to attend; I may have to give up my offices at church.  I may have to move out-of-state.

Transitional housing now does not seem likely to become available to me anytime in the near future.  The most realistic plan will be to continue to stay at the shelter, but take other steps to facilitate finding and keeping a job.  The first job I get will most likely be part-time.  However, any job that gives me an income of $100/week — whether that’s 10 hours/week at $10/hour, or 12.5 hours/week at $8/hour, etc. — will render me financially independent.  Self-supporting.

My current cash resources will be exhausted come Sunday.

Topics here below:
Specific housing resources
Job prospects
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