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Podcast — Tucker Carlson and Ukraine

Tucker Carlson and Ukraine

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Music:  Jazmine Sullivan sings “The Star Spangled Banner” at the 2022 MLB World Series:
Jazmine Sullivan Killed the (Star-Spangled Banner) at the World Series🥲🔥 #mlb #astros #phillies – YouTube

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“Don’t believe her defenders. Amy Schumer’s jokes are racist.”

Stacey Patton, David J. LeonardCamping at the cafeHonest conversations about race?
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Who or what can we believe?

Know yourself.

A Friend on FaceBook has asked this question several times in recent weeks.  I am writing this specifically for that person.  Mainly, I will merely reiterate things I’ve said before on this blog; whereas that person doesn’t normally read this blog.

This could get quite long, and I’ve given myself a deadline, so I’m striving to put the most important information first.

If I try to take seriously all the conflicting claims made by different sides in different debates, I wind up being so confused I question my own sanity.  What to do?

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