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* The murder of Terron Singleton

The murder of Terron SingletonA greedy church. Really greedy.“Looking while black”The homeless get a bad rapMartin O’Malley’s gaffe
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* I anticipate more riots.

I don’t normally allow myself to imagine untoward events in the future.  However, I do anticipate more riots when the Baltimore police verdicts come down.

Many, many people, black and white, have misconceived the trial and have set their hearts on outcomes that cannot obtain.

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o The church in the Old Testament?

Folah, a sometimes participant at Messiah Truth, visited here on July 27, and posted a comment summarizing her beliefs:

The counter-missionaries and most Jews (especially Judaism adherents) define Hebrew, Jacob, Israel, land of Israel, Judah, house of Judah, Joseph, Ephraim, David, house of David, city of David, Zion, mount Zion, daughter of Zion e.t.c as all referring to a particular race and a particular parcel of land in the middle-east both in historic and eschatological contexts. Quite a lot of Christians (trying to avoid replacement theology label) have accepted these definitions without question and research. These definitions have caused majority to build eschatological edifices with extremely weak foundations. Continue reading o The church in the Old Testament?

* This teen won’t go to prison, even after he hacked 50,700 computers

This teen won’t go to prisonNo one cares what black folk think.A thumbs-up for HilaryMaryland mom ditches baby — literally
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* Reconsidering “Don’t come uninvited.”

Ambrose and Olga Worrall took the doctrine of “Don’t come uninvited” to extreme lengths — or so I thought. A key story involves their relations with one another.

From The Gift of Healing, pages 118-120:[*]

Some time before our marriage Olga had injured her left hand in a fall on an icy sidewalk. Following this mishap a small lump appeared in the injured area. It did not disappear, but grew larger until it was as big as a good-sized walnut. Continue reading * Reconsidering “Don’t come uninvited.”