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Homogenized language

Note that he found the backwoodsmen’s speech unintelligible.

Ends and Beginnings

I graduated from a college located deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I worked the cash register at an appliance store after class to make a little extra beer and gas money. This store sold ovens, refrigerators, televisions and stereo systems but the big seller was satellite television dishes. Keep in mind, this was 35 years ago. Cable television was only available in densely populated areas and satellite dishes weren’t the cute little contraptions we mount on the side of our houses today, these were big ass, six-foot wide, got their own zip code dishes.

There were two big cash crops in this community (not counting moonshine), Christmas trees and burley tobacco. After selling their burley corp, and after Christmas, families who lived deep, deep in the nook and crannies of the mountains that surrounded this community would come to town with a fat roll of bills in the pockets of their overalls…

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Why America Stays Stuck

In the future, I may ignore such expressions. For the record, someone’s actually said this in print.

On a CNN program not long ago, one white man, who proudly claimed his belief in white supremacy, had the audacity to say, “I wish we had picked our own cotton.”

So do we. African Americans, I mean. We wish you had picked your own cotton, nursed your own babies, tilled your own fields, built your own roads, and done the scut work in factories that made the Industrial Revolution the “success” that it was.

You didn’t, though. African Americans made this country with their hard labor, as slaves and later as individuals caught up and used in the Convict Leasing programs in this country. …

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Appetites for darkness; befriending the shadow self.

Tuesday afternoon at the library, instead of doing anything on [church obligations], I spent time with several articles that could have been predicted to make me angry. I’ve forgotten specifics about them, and Net History from the library terminal isn’t available to me here. The deal is, I recognized an appetite for darkness; “The Itch.” Similarly yesterday, yesterday morning, once I realized I really had nothing to do that day, I became intensely angry and prone to look for ways to act out that anger; e.g. by finding more such articles to fume over. Went through some more of the same last night, albeit presence in the shower saw it all go away.

All this in the face of my goal of being perpetually happy and cheerful and an emanator of light and joy.

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Job search diary 07/13/16 – 07/19/16

Thursday, July 21, 14:15:  See previous post, linked to below.

For the moment, it’s a pretty short story.

I’m pursuing an initial offer of a position as part-time produce clerk at a major local supermarket.

I had received that initial offer by e-mail 07/09/16.

I phoned them a number of times the following week.  I phoned them again ~15:15 Friday 07/15/16.  I wound up speaking with the gentleman who signed the original e-mail.  It turns out they’d never received my response, so the background check had never been started. Continue reading Job search diary 07/13/16 – 07/19/16

Job search diary 07/06/16 – 07/12/16

Thursday, July 14:  The interview a week ago today, for position of part-time produce clerk at the Harris Teeter store at Canton Crossing, went favorably. On Saturday, I received from them an e-mail initial job offer, and accepted. They wanted me to begin no later than Friday, July 15, but as of this writing it doesn’t look like that will occur. There is additional paperwork that must be done, e.g. involving my IDs, and the drug test to take care of. I’ve not heard back from them as to any of that. Per my phone calls to them Monday and Wednesday, they are waiting for my background check to come back before doing anything else. This should be no problem.

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