The Word of the Day

Disadvantaged people principally disadvantage themselves, through disadvantaging behavior.

Some do so by the words they use.

Use of certain words will absolutely keep you from entering society’s mainstream.  You will not get the job.  Or, if you do get the job and continue to talk this way, you won’t be welcome long.

So, as an experiment, I invite you, each weekday, to cleanse your speech of just one word that day.  What word you use instead, if any, will depend on context.  So you may actually have to think.

Monday — The F Word Use instead: have sex, make love, mess, attack, hit.  Instead of “f-ing”:  very, real, really.

Tuesday — The S Word Use instead: poop, feces, do-do, mess, stuff, nonsense, foolishness, business, belongings, possessions, things.

Wednesday — The B Word Use instead: lady, woman, female, Ma’am.

Thursday — The A Word Use instead: tail, bottom, butt, face, self.

Friday — The N Word Use instead: man, woman, person, Sir, Ma’am.

Just one word.  Just one day.  See if you don’t feel better.

(Rev. 2013/12/02)

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