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Ends and Beginnings

A couple of years ago I turned a little area of my yard into a bird, bee, butterfly, and bug paradise. My motivation was twofold, one, I like birds, bees, butterfly’s, and bugs and two, it was less yard I had to mow.

Following the guidelines of the South Carolina Wildlife Federation ( I created an area for our urban wildlife that includes food, water, cover, and places to raise young. I also got a nifty sign designating my little patch of earth a Certified Wildlife Habitat.

I am three years into it now and I have really enjoyed watching some of these marvelous creatures make themselves at home in our backyard. My little plot has transformed from a patch of weeds as my wife first called it, into quite the oasis. But despite all the wonderful wildflowers, and flowering shrubs I planted I noticed that I was…

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Podcast – Are you big enough to take it?

It don’t come easy.

Are you big enough to take it?

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New address

I’ve just upgraded my account, to get rid of ads and get some other privileges.  En route, I obtained a domain name, where you can access me from now on:

I bypassed a plan that cost $4/month, and instead bought the one costing $6.33/month, for reason that it will allow me to use CSS and may open other customization options.

We may institute an option that will let you donate directly to help me cover those costs — donate directly on this blog — rather than having to use my GoFundMe.



Monetization — or going ad-free (?)

Given a glitch with my tablet, I’ve been viewing this blog a lot lately without being signed in.  IOW, I’m viewing it the same way y’all do.

And I am finding the ads REALLY OBTRUSIVE.

At the same time, WordPress has started offering me monetization options, which I have not yet checked out.  I do mean to check out that, and other options, that may make the blog ad-free.  If it winds up costing me money, donations may be welcome.

I welcome your suggestions.

Lock her up!

Ends and Beginnings

Hillary“I write this letter to you for the purpose of history and to put my thoughts on a permanent and indelible record.” – Trumps angry letter to Nancy 12-17-19

For all you Lock Her Up morons just remember this;

Rick Gates (Trump’s deputy campaign chair): Convicted- 45 days in prison and 3 years’ probation

Michael Cohen (Trump’s personal attorney): Convicted- 3 years in prison

George Papadopoulos (Trump’s coffee boy): Convicted- 14 days in prison and 1 year probation

Paul Manafort (Trump’s campaign chair): Convicted- 4 years in prison (solitary confinement no less)

Roger Stone (Trump’s Jester): Convicted- February 6th sentencing

Michael Flynn (Trump’s National Security Advisor): Convicted- January 28th sentencing

Don “Corleone” Trump: pending impeachment December 18th plus countless yet to be unsealed indictments waiting on his sorry orange ass to assume the title of “former” 

If you haven’t had a chance to read Chump’s angry six page letter to

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