My Resume

William Tell

Baltimore’s Premiere Radio Talk Jock Wannabe

Audition files:

Immediate: RADIO. Any position whatsoever, as long as it’s in radio.
Ultimate: Host The William Tell Show (See “My Product,” below.)


Life is difficult — for anyone.  The William Tell Show will seek to make life easier — for everyone.

It will be a two-way, call-in talk show focused on current events; a “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood for adults,” where all people and all points of view are accepted and respected.

We will emphasize conversation.  We will:

  • Maximize the number of callers on-air, and maximize their on-air time.
  • Get folks who normally talk about each other, to talk instead with each other.
  • Avoid the tactics that people use to pre-emptively shut down conversation.

Our slogans will include these:

  • “Facts are friends.” People dispute opinions, theories, and value judgments (“should” statements).  This creates confusion.  Facts, in contrast, are indisputable; attention to the facts brings an end to confusion.
  • “Enjoy life!” A mere determination to enjoy life can, all by itself, make life much easier.

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