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The indigo children: Where are they now?

Some generations are just more religious than others, some less.  The worldwide indifference of millennials towards faith may not spell the end of religion; it may just represent the influx of a large group of souls who happen, as a group, to be less religious than others.

This, along with the prospect of a forthcoming post about auras, recalled to me the supposed influx of another cohort of souls: the indigo children.

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Some more prayer exercises

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Monday morning, Pastor asked me to pray about some anger management issues among our youth.  Some have been somatizing their anger, e.g. having seizures; others have got in fights at school.  Tuesday morning it came to me that I have already reported a number of techniques to use, in the previous post above.  The new notions that came to me are here below.

It won’t be feasible for me to teach these to the children myself, since Youth Group meets on Sundays after the deadline for me to get back to the shelter.  But some of them may be usable in Children’s Sermons.

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Podcast — Contrasts and justice (Part 2)

Choices and inevitability

Contrasts and justice (Part 2)



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Bible contradictions #06: When did Saul first meet David?

Samuel anoints David as king over Israel in 1 Samuel 16:1-13.  It is notable that this comes before David kills Goliath and before he first starts playing the lyre for Saul.  In other words, David was already king over Israel before either of those other things happened.

The story of David playing the lyre for Saul comes at 1 Samuel 16:14-23.  Now, it is very clear from this passage that Saul had never heard of David ever before.

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