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Problems everyone should have

Everyone has problems; always have, always will.

But some problems are better (more desirable) than others.

I have some of the best problems in the world.  Everyone should have such problems.  They’d be so much better off.

For example, this man shows up every time I look in the mirror, and I’m absolutely hating on him.  He’s so good-looking, I can’t stand it.  I’m jealous.

Originally posted 2014-12-31.

Podcast – Are you big enough to take it?

It don’t come easy.

Are you big enough to take it?

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“Jackie” and The Rolling Stone

U-Va. students challenge Rolling Stone account of alleged sexual assaultTV experts who aren’tFox news affiliate distorts coverageVast dogfighting ring in Baltimore, Baltimore County broken upMonkey heroically rescues its friendPhylicia Barnes update
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