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Glossary: TDAP

TDAP — Temporary Disability Assistance Program — is a State of Maryland cash benefit for people who have an active, pending application for Supplemental Security Income and/or Social Security Disability Income.

The benefit is $185/month. It lasts for a maximum of one year or until a determination is made as to the SSI/SSDI application. If the SSI/SSDI application is denied and not appealed, TDAP is cut off at once.

I received this benefit for some time 2011-2012 when I was legitimately disabled. It was a big help with living expenses. I am not disabled now.

Most of my acquaintances get it.

My therapist and I have had several conversations about whether I might be eligible for SSI/SSDI based on psychiatric factors, and thus far have decided not to pursue it. An SSI/SSDI application is normally denied the first three or four times one applies, and one won’t normally get an award without a lawyer. It takes a lot of work.

One must be fully committed to dependency.