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Job search diary 05/18/16 – 05/24/16

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TUESDAY 2016-05-24 (At the library)
Spent an hour applying for 25200BR – 400 East Pratt St. – Cashier, Hourly Retail. They still had my “profile” in the system from 2013.

Updated employment history and added detailed job descriptions from my resume. Then ran into an obstacle I cannot overcome:

“For positions requiring a Virtual Job Tryout you will need speakers or headphones and Adobe Flash 10.2 or higher.”

I don’t have speakers or headphones (Someone stole my backpack from the church, with my headphones in it, the Sunday before Thanksgiving.), and no terminal available to me has that version of Flash.

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@Sweet Dolls

(TMZ deleted the comment below.)
@Sweet Dolls

First, you have no basis to suppose anything about “my people,” such as what color they may be.

When you depart from the subject matter of the article — what the rappers recorded, what the white kids did in the video, what the students did who posted it online, and Barry Bonds’ reaction — and speculate instead about commenters’ education or lack thereof, job or lack thereof, skin color or even sex life — that’s personal, and has no place in any discussion that can advance the black agenda.

Free speech, yes. Useful, no.

There are no small number of well-meaning white folk out there who have never knowingly intended black folk any harm. Not that they really matter much.

The question is rather whether you yourself will perpetuate, among black folk, the kind of self-loathing manifest in lyrics such as “I f*****d your b***h, n***a.” This is hardly the language of one who owns oneself as a child of God. A change of heart on that front will make all the difference in the fortunes of black folk in this country.

The Edward Nero trial

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The offering plate, part 2

ADVISORY:  This post includes explicit content that some readers may find objectionable.

One lives in a world substantially of one’s own creation.

The previous post asked, “What can I give as an offering?”

As of now, I am essentially a panhandler.

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Job search diary 05/11/16 – 05/17/16

THURSDAY 2016-05-12
Completed paper application. The web page only lists jobs in Ohio, Texas and South Carolina. Made four copies of application, to take next week to 100 N. Liberty St., 239 N. Gay St., 231 E. Baltimore St., 10 N. Calvert St. Phoned 100 S. Broadway: not hiring. Schedule to check back in three weeks. 7-Eleven doesn’t employ all that many people — only two or three work in a given store on a given shift.

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The offering plate, part 1

One lives in a world substantially of one’s own creation.

The offering plate came around, and I got a shock.  I can remember when I dreamed of putting $60 in there each week, as the woman does who normally sits in front of me.  No such dream is available to me now; I am unable to envision myself ever putting anything in there.

My circumstances have rendered me infantile; a complete “taker.”  One of those who seeks to receive  “blessings” rather than seeking to be a blessing, a “maker.”

What can I give as an offering?

The offertory hymn was, “We are an offering.”

We lift our voices, we lift our hands
We lift our lives up to You
We are an offering
Lord use our voices, Lord use our hands
Lord use our lives, they are Yours
We are an offering

All that we have, all the we are
All that we hope to be
We give to You, we give to You

We lift our voices, we lift our hands
We lift our lives up to You
We are an offering, we are an offering[*]

I myself can be my offering.

More about that next week.

[*]Author: Dwight Liles. ©1984, Word Music, Inc.


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