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@Sweet Dolls

(TMZ deleted the comment below.)
@Sweet Dolls

First, you have no basis to suppose anything about “my people,” such as what color they may be.

When you depart from the subject matter of the article — what the rappers recorded, what the white kids did in the video, what the students did who posted it online, and Barry Bonds’ reaction — and speculate instead about commenters’ education or lack thereof, job or lack thereof, skin color or even sex life — that’s personal, and has no place in any discussion that can advance the black agenda.

Free speech, yes. Useful, no.

There are no small number of well-meaning white folk out there who have never knowingly intended black folk any harm. Not that they really matter much.

The question is rather whether you yourself will perpetuate, among black folk, the kind of self-loathing manifest in lyrics such as “I f*****d your b***h, n***a.” This is hardly the language of one who owns oneself as a child of God. A change of heart on that front will make all the difference in the fortunes of black folk in this country.