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Nothing is more disgraceful than seeing a parent curse a child in public.

How much better it is to bless your children.

The name you give your child can be a blessing or a curse.  Your parents may have blessed or cursed you by calling you the name they did.

A nonsensical name is a sure sign that the parent was thoughtless, doesn’t care about the child, or doesn’t even want the child.  It will to make any child subject to ridicule and self-doubt for life.  It can’t help but make potential employers wonder whether the job applicant has serious issues.

If your parents cursed you in this way, as an adult you can choose to bless yourself with a new, good name and thus undo that damage.  You can choose your name.

When my website is finished, (1) the list of names will be a database where you can search for names by type (Bible heroes, gems, etc.), source language (Greek, French, Spanish, etc.), etc. (2) there will be a zip file you can download that has everything you need (fill-in forms) to legally change your name.

Spiritually, your name isn’t merely what people call you.  Rather, it names you — it says who you are.  Prior to each life, each soul has a heart-to-heart with God.  In that conference, they agree on what talents the person will bring into that life, what goals he or she needs to accomplish, what obstacles to overcome.  All this information is encoded into your true name — its meaning, its spelling and its sounds.  Every time you hear your true name, it’s as if someone’s rung a bell, bringing all this information back to your attention — your mission, your calling, the unique way you alone can love your neighbor and yourself.

Answering to a false name can only spell distraction and confusion.

Guidelines for choosing a name:

  • Use no apostrophes, accent marks or other special characters.  Use letters only.
  • The correct spelling should be obvious from the word’s pronunciation, and vice versa.
  • The person’s gender should be obvious.
  • Avoid place names.
  • In choosing among different spellings, choose the one that uses the fewest letters; prefer the letter C over the letter K (“Carl,” not “Karl”).
  • It’s best to use a name that means something.  For example, William means “king,” Peter means “rock,” and George means “farmer.”  Some names have obvious meanings: Rose, Pearl, Faith, etc.  Think carefully about the meaning of a name you choose for yourself or your child. A meaningless name is just that — meaningless.
  • Spell the name exactly as given here, unless it is in honor of a family member or historical figure who spelled it differently.

Rev. 2013-12-31

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