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The emperor’s new clothes: False prophecy in the news

Here is my first audition file.  The sound quality and performance aren’t the best, but I’ve chosen to post it anyway given the weight of the subject matter.

I need to show that I can speak off the cuff about current events, and an opportunity to do so came in the controversy over recent tweets by Maria Chappelle-Nadal.

A transcript appears below.

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Podcast – What do you look for in a candidate?

I would have voted for Orrin Hatch.

What do you look for in a candidate?

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Guides to Straight Thinking

Guides to Straight Thinking, by Stuart Chase

Life is difficult.

At this writing, I notice that perhaps a dozen times a day I encounter some fact or situation that I disapprove of, and more than disapprove of; I respond to it as if it ought not to have occurred, as if it ought not be possible in the real world.

In such situations, rather than deal with the facts as they are, human beings are inclined to make up excuses as to why the thing ought not be so, and then have one’s attention cling to the excuses rather than the facts.

At this point, one is no longer thinking straight.

This accounts for a tremendous amount of the confusion and drama we see in discussions of social issues and politics: “we” cling to “our” excuses, “they” cling to “their” excuses, and nobody is dealing with the facts

— with what is —

— with life.

In Guides to Straight Thinking, Stuart Chase examines thirteen of the most common patterns of excuses, or “fallacies.”   Clearing away these self-deceptions will make it easier to solve problems not just in politics, but also on the job, in the ‘hood, and in the home.

This book is square on with the goals of The William Tell Show.  I highly recommend it; which is why I’ve made it available here.

Guides to Straight Thinking, by Stuart Chase

Originally posted 2014-12-13.

Podcast – Candor

Until black folk love themselves
like white folk love themselves,
there will be no change.


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Podcast – “How I overcame procrastination”

The book no one has ever written.

How I overcame procrastination

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Podcast – I don’t want to live among these people.

That may motivate me to seek my own place.

I don’t want to live among these people.

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