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Podcast — Hiatus

Taking a break this month.

Friday 05/05/23, my laptop sustained water damage. The hard drive, or at least the operating system, disconnected. At this moment, it is in the hands of a trusted, techy, church member wunderkind who may or may not be able to fix it. At least, he said, he may be able to retrieve the data, which I warned him includes 16 gigs of porn.

For the duration, I’m using the computers at the central branch Enoch Pratt Free Libary — and am without any means to record.

If this genius can fix it, well and good. If I must replace it, I’ll have to jump through some hoops: I was financially able to pay “cash” for it when I bought it two years ago, but now to replace it I’ll have to find credit.

Either way, I hope to “see you” again in July!

Housing the homeless ain’t that easy

For a long time, I have balked at seeking transitional housing, mainly for two reasons:  (1) There must be a thousand buildings in Baltimore City serving that function, each with its own application process, eligibility criteria and rules — not to mention desirability.  There’s no way to find “the right place” without going to each one in person. (2) I have heard too many credible horror stories of negligent house managers and conflicts with residents who abuse substances, abuse the property, and abuse each other.

Fortunately, the case manager at the clinic appears to have equipped me with the very short list of highest-rated outfits.

Last week’s City Paper cover story sets forth a microcosm of what is, in fact, the big picture:

A new program for the city’s homeless leaves them struggling amid a chaotic system of care

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Podcast — Transgenderism

Chromosomes, not pronouns




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Podcast — “Free Fallin'”

Loss of innocence

Free Fallin’

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Tom Petty, “Free Fallin’”
Lyrics:  Tom Petty – “Free Fallin'” Lyrics | Lyrics Freak
Great White, “Once Bitten, Twice Shy”
Lyrics:  Great White – “Once Bitten, Twice Shy” Lyrics | Lyrics Freak
Billy Joel, “Easy Money”
Lyrics:  Billy Joel – “Easy Money” Lyrics | Lyrics Freak
Elvis Presley, “It’s Now or Never”
Lyrics:  Elvis Presley – It’s Now Or Never lyrics | LyricsFreak
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JVKE, “Golden Hour”
Lyrics:  JVKE – golden hour Lyrics |

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Podcast — Rodney

Many problems, one solution



Music:  Laura Branigan, “Gloria”

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Live and let live: Ishmael

Wednesday  2016-01-06

“Live and let live” is a Recovery principle.  In recent weeks, it has been “in my face” from many different directions:

  • Recent challenges I’ve faced in managing my own feelings, have made me less judgmental of others who seem to me not to manage their feelings well.
  • Pastor and I are not on the same page concerning the concept of justice.  He is thus prone to say certain things in sermons that I don’t necessarily want to hear.  But I am in no position to demand that he abandon what is, for him, an honest and impassioned point of view.
  • Something in Jamilah King’s 12-16-15 .mic article hurt my feelings.   I have not yet re-read it to determine what specifically it was.  But if the mere expression of an opinion about social conditions can evoke that response from me, it does not bode well for what I hope to accomplish as William Tell the talk show host.  William Tell must be able to “Live and let live.”

Ishmael showed up at the shelter for the first time last night.  When he joined us in the crowd across the street waiting admission, his face said he’d already had a hard day.  Something told me he might be a screwball.

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Podcast — Tucker Carlson and Ukraine

Tucker Carlson and Ukraine

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Music:  Jazmine Sullivan sings “The Star Spangled Banner” at the 2022 MLB World Series:
Jazmine Sullivan Killed the (Star-Spangled Banner) at the World Series🥲🔥 #mlb #astros #phillies – YouTube

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