Audition files

“Acting White”
Response to Kristen Coke’s 2014-10-28 HuffPost blog of the same title.
2015-01-15, 1:50. Text

“Life in the outer darkness”
In the outer darkness, what is one to do?
2015-01-27, 2:50.  Text

“I really have nothing better to do.”
As a dollar store stock clerk, I found myself realizing my mission in life.
2015-02-04, 4:34. Text

“The emperor’s new clothes: False prophecy in the news.”
Commentary on controversy surrounding recent tweets of Maria Chappelle-Nadal.
Unscripted. 2015-01-07, 8:11. Text

“We desperately need a war on Christmas lies.”
Response to recent column by Jeffrey Tayler.
Unscripted. 2015-01-17, 13:11. Text

“Doubts about Brown v. Board
The NAACP has embraced a social doctrine that denies the black man free will.
Unscripted. 2015-01-21, 3:24. Text

“Franklin Graham, Charlie Hebdo, and the ‘heckler’s veto'”
Christians can be bad guys, too.
Unscripted. 2015-01-21, 3:18. Text

“About Heather Cook”
Episcopalian bishop faces DWI, vehicular homicide charges.
Unscripted.  2015-02-04, 3:08.  Text

“Victory is mine”
The morning glories are now under control throughout the entire church garden.  Who will control them next year?
Unscripted.  2015-02-03, 3:54.  Text

“The healing powers of a drug store cashier”
2015-02-04, 2:59.  Text

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