Prayer List

Use the form below if you would like me to add you to my prayer list.

Your name will stay on the list for the rest of this month, and six months thereafter.  For example, if you submit your name on February 15, it will stay on the list for the rest of February and the six full months after — until the end of August.

I promise only to do the best I can for you.  There are no guarantees.  In the end, it’s up to you to do the “heavy lifting” — to actually want the circumstance you seek, and to feel, think and act accordingly; to walk your talk.  At best, prayer can help.

I am not a medical doctor nor mental health practitioner.  If you have a medical or psychiatric need, seek out appropriate medical or professional attention.  Prayer works with professional care, not instead of it.  God gave us our minds, and science, to use, not ignore.

I actually do not need to know details of your need.  All I actually need is your name.

Please feel free to submit your request; and may God grant your heart’s desire.