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The omen

He might take me to some unknown location,
and zap out on me, and I’d become a statistic.

Tuesday 2015-03-31

This morning at Dunkin’ Donuts, about 8:45 I stood in line with my arms crossed behind my back, clenching a $5 bill in my left hand. It occurred to me that at McDonald’s, only 100 yards away, I’d never do that. If I did that at McDonald’s, someone would surely snatch the bill and run.

This thought proved to be an omen.

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Did Biblical changes occur?

There is a widespread belief among Jews, that Chrstian translators routinely falsify their translations of the Hebrew Bible to create “proof texts” that indicate the Hebrew Bible predicts or substantiates Christianity.

At Messiah Truth, where I am known as “Proteus,” I recently made some remarks on that question; that the participant Ezekah wound up quoting, and questioning himself. I have chosen to respond here.

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Podcast – Seeking peace of mind

It won’t happen if I’m not paying attention.

Seeking peace of mind


Music:  George Michael, “Father Figure”


It’s The William Tell Show.  I call myself William Tell; you can call me Bill.  Thank you for including me in your world.  Today we can look forward eagerly to Donald Trump’s being reinstated in August.

We are heading for some changes in this podcast.  First, I’m thinking of changing the frequency, either to once a month or once every four weeks.  Second, historically I’ve put a lot of work into the descriptions for these podcasts, linking to my music and to related material online.  I’ve just discovered that those links do not APPEAR as links on most platforms.  So, I’m a-take a different approach to that.  I will also be experimenting with length, since I want each segment to be just about three minutes, and that hasn’t been happening.

I’m working on two forthcoming blog posts.  The first, entitled “Shock,” is slated for June 12.  The second, entitled “Shock 2,” is slated for June 19.  A few weeks ago, a sponsored post, a right-wing political post, appeared in my FaceBook news feed.  No political posts have appeared in my news feed for months.  This one offended me, and I flew right off the handle.  That’s what the blog post, “Shock,” will be about.

About a week later, a left-wing political post, or religious post, since some Lefties baptize their politics — This left-wing post appeared in my news feed, and I flew off the handle again.  That’s what the blog post, “Shock 2,” will be about.

For the sake of The William Tell Show, it’s not a good thing that I flew off the handle at all.  The William Tell Show is supposed to be “A Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood for adults” — a place where all people and all points of view are welcome.  That won’t be the case if I blow up at anything any caller says, whether left-wing or right.

I would not have blown up at all if I were adequately centered, or in a state of peace of mind.  In order to do The William Tell Show, it’s necessary that I establish peace of mind as a chronic state.

More about this after the break.

[Commercial break]

I literally wrote the book about peace of mind.  It’s called The Way of Peace, and you can find it online at the dash way dash of dash peace, dot com.  It’s pretty good.  In fact, I probably need to read it.  Again, that’s the dash way dash of dash peace, dot com.

Someone else wrote a book with the same title, back near the start of the 20th century.  This was James Allen.  I’ve looked at that book some, and he says almost all the exact same things I say.  But his language is rather archaic.

As I recall, my book says that establishing peace of mind comes in three stages.  The first is presence, or mindfulness.  One needs to keep one’s attention, as far as possible, here and now — letting go of the past, the future, and everything elsewhere.

Second, one needs to practice the Serenity Prayer, accepting the things — all things — one cannot change, and paying attention instead to the things one can change, or do.  Oneself.

Third, one needs to choose to be happy.  It’s a choice.

Actually, this might be the project I’ve been looking for.  I need to do it.  It takes work; it takes intentionality; and it won’t happen if I’m not paying attention.

For today’s music: there are songs that go straight to the top of the charts, and stay there, because they profoundly encourage peace of mind.  I chose one for today, “Father Figure,” by George Michael.