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Guilt porn

My patience ran out when a display ad for Feeding America appeared on my e-mail inbox page.

I am seeing their ads and their public service announcements (PSAs) everywhere.  Like certain other charities, notably Autism Speaks and the Susan G. Komen Foundation, I wind up wondering if they engage in any activity beside fundraising.  In recent years, Breast Cancer Awareness Month had such media saturation it seemed impossible to be aware of anything else.

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What you “see” is what you’ll get.

This story from Ambrose Worrall’s The Gift of Healing[*] illustrates that not all prayer, however well-intentioned, will necessarily bring about the desired results. Some prayer may even interfere with obtaining the desired results.

Ambrose Worrall had been asked to intercede for a six-year old girl named Kay, who had developed encephalitis following measles. At the time he began, she was completely paralysed.

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Bible contradictions #05: Jesus’ genealogies

The New Testament provides two genealogies of Jesus, one in Matthew and one in Luke.  Matthew’s genealogy begins with Abraham and moves forward in time:  “A was the father of B, B the father of C,” and so on.  Luke’s genealogy begins with Jesus and moves backwards in time all the way to Adam:  “C the son of B, the son of A.”

Let’s compare only the portions from Abraham forward.

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