Love with absolutely no conditions

George Ritchie’s Jesus

In February and March 2022, I was copying and editing The Way of Peace so as to present each chapter as a separate post in this blog. The chapter, “Heaven and hell: Dr. George Ritchie’s near-death experience” was going to need substantial re-formatting.

On this reading of this chapter, a very strong impression was made on me about Jesus, or at least Jesus as George Ritchie saw him in his near-death experience.  Whether that Jesus was the real person, I suppose we ultimately cannot know.  For our present purposes, let us suppose he was.  Raymond Moody’s Life after Life indicates that it is common for a person in an NDE to have a sustained encounter with some religious figure who is prominent in that person’s background.

What impressed me about this Jesus, again and again, was his absolute lack of judgmentalism toward any person or situation.  He displayed unrestrained, unconditional love toward every person and situation, no matter how squalid or dire.

You can read the chapter linked to, for yourself, and see.

What would it mean to grow into a state like that?  Is this Christ-likeness?


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