Shock 2

I got triggered again.

A page I follow on FaceBook Shared this post:

I’m not eager to dwell for long on the grief that brought me.  On this blog, I am not currently in dialogue with those whom that post pleased; and most of what I might say otherwise is likely to be, for me, just the same-old same-old that’s been with me for years.

Looking back, hard to believe: my diary indicates that had me in a funk for three days.


  • Wokeness prescribes never-ending self-scrutiny, self-examination, self-accusation — for white folk only.  There is never any mention of mercy or forgiveness.
  • Wokeness holds that all the work, all the sacrifice, needed to obtain justice, is upon white folk only.  Now, in my current context, which is 95% black, I observe all kinds of work available, and necessary, on the part of black folk, if justice is to obtain.  The only work wokeness asks of them is that they complain.
  • Daily self-examination is a duty of every Christian — self-examination as to any and all sin.  Wokeness and this meme concern themselves with only one; as if there is only one.  It makes racism, as it were, the unforgivable sin.
  • In contrast to God’s unconditional love for every one of God’s children, about which the Gospel tells me; wokeness makes God’s love contingent on white folks'(*) obtaining a social condition that I, frankly, don’t believe can ever be obtained; not by the means wokeness prescribes.

(* See above: There is no work for black folk to do.)

A lot of what my life has been about, has been about self-management and choosing to be happy; for the reasons I’ve stated many times — not because of right or wrong, nor because God will smite you if you don’t, but instead simply because it’s what’s best for oneself and for everyone one meets.

One has a choice at any time, to focus one’s attention either on the evil of this world, or the good of this world; on grief, or hope.  (Related: “Upward”)  Injustice always has been, and always will be, available to grieve.  Sin, too.  I normally, now, choose to accept those things as they are; accept myself as I am; set my attention on the good things that can be; and so move toward wholeness.


I got out of my funk by an unexpected route.

Friday morning, apparently on my first smoke break, I sat in my usual place and considered that it was likely to be a beautiful day, and there were all these people around whom I could feel good about.  The word came, “Enjoy life” — in two words, the philosophy of Nikolai F. S. Grundtvig and his movement, the “Happy  Danes.”

On FaceBook, someone had posted a meme, “Name a hymn you want sung at your funeral.”  My 8th grade Science teacher, Mr. Swires, had responded, which is how that came onto my news feed.

I responded, “Love Divine, All Loves Excelling.”  This is a childhood favorite, and I’ve already advised those who need to know, that I want it sung at my funeral.  It’s all about the glory and joy of God’s unconditional love for all God’s children.  That morning, it became, by choice, the music in my head; and stayed there; and I’ve been happy ever since.


I wonder why the rabbit has its eyes closed.  Looks like “It’s Happy Bunny.

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