This may seem unrealistic, even delusional; and much of the time, it has felt that way to me. But I’ve been here before, and know it’s not unrealistic at all. One drawback: it will pull me even farther away from the societal mainstream.  But if I feel a “call” toward anything at all, it’s this path that I feel called to.

(I am going to quote from a number of other writings, without inline attributions.  Links to all appear at the end.)

March 9, 2021 was a momentous day for me.  I published the podcast, “Political strife is all about the bogeyman,” largely a mere reading of the March 9, 2019 blog post, “The Bogeyman.”  I cut off the reading in the midst of the final section, because it was too personal and challenging.  Here is that portion in its entirety:

Fear of a better life

Here I must confront myself.

I have seen in the past few months that, given a shift in consciousness, a better life is available to me.  The physical world hasn’t changed — yet — but the way I see it and deal with it has and can change.  Options I never would have thought possible before, seem realistic.

But my ways will have to change, in ways I can’t yet see.  Certainty is unavailable.  This can be scary, and the change hard.

“Better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t know.”

Imagine a world where

  • I have no enemies.
  • There is no danger.
  • I will still fall down, but but take those events in stride and get right back up again.
  • I seek and see only the best in everyone I meet — and therefore get the best responses from them.
  • I no longer sabotage myself.
  • Practically nothing can offend me.
  • I will use my best judgment, and so choose the best — and obtain it.

A world with no bogeyman.

I have entertained this frame of mind off and on for several years.  I call it “Upward.”

Edgar Cayce dreamed of seeing himself outside his body, rising upward inside a column.  At the lowest levels of the column, he saw around him a world of darkness, strife and need.  As he ascended to higher levels, he was surrounded by realms of ever-increasing light and harmony.  In his near-death out-of-body experience, George Ritchie visited various places in this world, in this life, that correspond exactly to those realms of darkness and of light.

It would be nice to live in a world of harmony and light.  Could I want to ascend to the higher realms myself?  In the posts originally discussing these things, I said:

You get what you choose
whether you want it or not.

and, as to the higher realms,

At bottom, the way to go there is to
want to.

“Choose,” here, has to do with choosing the focus of one’s attention.  Attention is like gravity; whatever you focus your attention on, you’re drawn toward.  So, the option appears for me to “choose” those things that are “upward” — associated with harmony and light.  To entertain facts that I may want, that will please me; to entertain prospective facts, possible futures, of the same nature.

Make no mistake:  Darkness and strife exist in the world.  There are infinitely many things available to feel bad about.  I have a choice.  What will I choose to pay attention to?  And it is that simple.


Daydreaming of things I’d like to do, like to see, things that will please me — from traveling to the Faroe Islands, to preparing a delicious meal. Things that will make me happy.  Pretty flowers, pretty birds, pretty females.

Choosing to be happy from moment to moment.

Choosing to wish well on people I happen to meet here and now; on passers-by.

Choosing consistently to do things that will make me happy.

Becoming so consistently happy as to enable self-healing.  In previous times when I was exceptionally happy for sustained periods, it became clear that that energy can be applied to healing my own physical ailments.  One of the texts linked to mentions that “Happiness is an analgesic.”  There is also the proverb, “Laughter is the best medicine.”

Selfishness that’s not.

I can’t give what I ain’t got.

So on the one hand, I may be all about pleasing myself.  That’s not all there is to it, however: this route assures that I will also be doing my best for the folk around me, and in fact helping them whenever possible.

Echoing the sort of thing I’ve said many times before:  the happier I am, the more prone I will be to present my best self at all times.  My own happiness and peace of mind are prone to evoke the same conditions in the people with whom I interact.

And as to The William Tell Show, a foremost desire has been to “sell” happiness and peace of mind — and courage, as mentioned last week.  I can’t give what I ain’t got.  But if I maintain this frame of mind, I will have all those things.

I’m not sure I’m ready to call it “courage,” but it certainly is a reduction of fear.  In the tags for posts on this blog, I’ve created half a dozen naming different kinds of fear — fear of risk, fear of the unknown, fear of uncertainty, fear of failure.  I know I’ve had a lifelong, unusually intense, fear of disappointment.  With chronic, intense happiness, I will have little or none of any of these kinds of fear at all.

There’s nowhere to go but up.

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