Job search diary 05/04/16 – 05/10/16

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Thursday 2016-05-05
I can visit four of the five stores instead of going to the library Tuesday. The South Broadway store I’ll need to visit sometime while walking to or from church. They’re open 24 hours.

 Applied: “Customer Service Associate,”  19 E. Fayette St. and 301 St. Paul St. They will contact me if openings appear.  A second phase of the skills assessment must be completed in-store.
Signed up for e-mail alerts. Titles of interest:
Food Service Team Member
Sales Floor Team Member
Price Accuracy Team Member
Cashier Team Member
I don’t understand why some titles appear multiple times in the list. They have only two Baltimore locations. Tried to applied for: Cashier Team Member, Job ID #5719213. When I hit “Apply now,” I got this error message: “Secure connection failed.” Same result when I tried a different title. This is probably a browser issue. I’ll need to apply from a different terminal.
Attempted to apply for Clerk/Cashier, 101 N. Wolfe St.  When I filled out the form for a Gateway login, and clicked “Create,” it simply cleared all the fields without ever sending the information anywhere or creating the login.  This is also probably a browser issue.
Visited web site. Two locations in Baltimore area:
5835 York Road – Store #0111;
East Point Mall, 7929 Eastern Avenue – Store #0149
Monday 2016-05-09: Visited all of these places in person.
19 E. Fayette St. — Completed skills assessment. They are to call me.
Streets Market and Cafe
222 N. Charles. Not hiring.
100 S. Broadway — will need to visit some other time. It’s within walking distance from the shelter, but not from downtown where I spent all my time today.
22 Light Street — Not hiring. Schedule to visit again in three weeks.
100 N. Liberty Street — No applications on hand today. (To apply when I get one.)
231 E. Baltimore Street — “Come back tomorrow.”
10 N. Calvert Street — “Come back later [today].”
239 N. Gay Street — Picked up application.
Comments: The Save-A-Lot application asked me to list my most relevant work experience first. The Walgreens application asked me to list my three most recent work experiences, which paints a very different picture.

The 7-Eleven application asks me to list beginning pay rate and ending pay rate for each position.

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