Job search diary 05/11/16 – 05/17/16

THURSDAY 2016-05-12
Completed paper application. The web page only lists jobs in Ohio, Texas and South Carolina. Made four copies of application, to take next week to 100 N. Liberty St., 239 N. Gay St., 231 E. Baltimore St., 10 N. Calvert St. Phoned 100 S. Broadway: not hiring. Schedule to check back in three weeks. 7-Eleven doesn’t employ all that many people — only two or three work in a given store on a given shift.

Rite Aid
Visited web page. Nothing new today.
FRIDAY 2016-05-13
Dollar Tree
Four locations near me:
Southside Marketplace – Store #4811 – 859 E Fort Ave
Highlandtown Shopping Center – Store #652 – 3842 East Lombard St.
Westside Shopping Center – Store #651 – 2445 Frederick Avenue
3425 Belair Road – Store #6133 – 3425 Belair Rd.
However, there appears to be a reason (which I can’t disclose) that I can’t work there.
Dollar General
Six locations nearby:
Dollar General # 12348 – 717 Washington Blvd
Dollar General # 11953 – 1620 Pennsylvania Ave
Dollar General # 13406 – 2511 Greenmount Ave
Dollar General # 12301 – 2401 Belair Rd #116
Dollar General # 12028 – 4810 Belair Rd
Dollar General # 15271 – 4101 Pulaski Hwy
Office Depot
Given my secretarial background (20 years), this would be an ideal place for me to work. In recent times (given that they still appear on Google Maps), there were two locations downtown — 100 N. Charles St. and 815 E. Pratt St. However, both have closed, and the remaining locations in this area are too distant for my commute.
TUESDAY 2016-05-17 (At the library)
Applied for:
– Cashier
– Cart attendant
both at 3559 Boston St.  These were the only openings in Baltimore.  They keep my “profile” in their system for 60 days.

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