I’m in love.

Rachelle WoodBarry Bonds’ hypocrisyKimberly Leto sentence

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Rachelle Wood


She has appeared in commercials for Glade and Restasis.

Much as I’d like to learn what I can about her personally, she appears to be an intensely private person; which may be good, as haters and would-be flatterers can really jerk one’s chain.

Personal quote, from imdb: “I could be in a very different place right now if it wasn’t for my integrity. I think in this industry people often neglect their morals and lose themselves.”

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Barry Bonds’ hypocrisy

Barry Bonds Calls Racism On Daughter’s Private School … White Kids Rapping N-Word
White students rapping a racial slur stirs posh Brentwood School

A video appeared of some white kids, who attend the same exclusive private high school as Barry Bonds’ daughter, singing and dancing along to the song “Dump Dump” by A$AP Ferga.  It includes the words, “I f****d your b***h, n****a.”

Barry Bonds and others got pretty upset.

The more I think on this, the more I think the hypocrisy isn’t Bonds’, but rather that of the anti-racist student group who published the video, “BWS Students Against Racism.”  And it’s typical of the hypocrisy I find in anti-racism generally.

Who put the gun in the children’s hands?

We need to vote with our feet and our dollars against those who pander obscenity — A$AP Ferga and its producers and studios, the radio stations that give them air time, the entities that advertise on those stations — who have established a multi-billion dollar industry peddling (literally, peddling) negative stereotypes of the young black male and proclaiming to the world that “This is what it means to be black.”

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Teens sentenced to 45 years in Patterson Park woman’s death

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