Heather Mac Donald

Her heart’s not in the right place.

Heather Mac Donald claims YouTube pulled policing speech because it didn’t say ‘America is endemically racist’

I have a lot to say before I get to the video.  I really was curious as to why YouTube temporarily pulled her video, and never did read the article until immediately before composing this post.

As long as there’s been BLM, there’s been Heather Mac Donald as the foremost person questioning its narrative.

She always mentions her affiliation with the Manhattan Institute, whatever that is.  As far as I can tell, it is her.

She does extensive analysis of the data about crime, about police encounters with black people, about proportions and disproportions, and in the end she may be right — about the numbers.  But every time I’ve read her words, I’ve had the sense that something’s amiss; to the extent that I’m not content to trust her, and have never quoted from or linked to her.

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This interview with Tucker Carlson becomes conclusive.

“I gave a speech last week on policing that used federal data, the gold standard to disprove the lie that police are engaged in wanton racist violence against Black men, as Joe Biden and the rioters maintain.”

Well, I’ve never heard Joe Biden say any such thing.  And to link him with “the rioters” is uncalled for.

So, from here on, I have no confidence in her.  None.

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