Job search diary 07/06/16 – 07/12/16

Thursday, July 14:  The interview a week ago today, for position of part-time produce clerk at the Harris Teeter store at Canton Crossing, went favorably. On Saturday, I received from them an e-mail initial job offer, and accepted. They wanted me to begin no later than Friday, July 15, but as of this writing it doesn’t look like that will occur. There is additional paperwork that must be done, e.g. involving my IDs, and the drug test to take care of. I’ve not heard back from them as to any of that. Per my phone calls to them Monday and Wednesday, they are waiting for my background check to come back before doing anything else. This should be no problem.

In the meantime, I’m canceling all other interviews and commitments, in order to be available to get anywhere they may want me at any time. I have suspended all other job search activity. I got a call from Second Chance wanting to schedule an interview, but turned that down pending this other thing.

I am praying that I excel in my performance, have the physical stamina to do the job, and will be “low maintenance.”

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