o The church in the Old Testament?

Folah, a sometimes participant at Messiah Truth, visited here on July 27, and posted a comment summarizing her beliefs:

The counter-missionaries and most Jews (especially Judaism adherents) define Hebrew, Jacob, Israel, land of Israel, Judah, house of Judah, Joseph, Ephraim, David, house of David, city of David, Zion, mount Zion, daughter of Zion e.t.c as all referring to a particular race and a particular parcel of land in the middle-east both in historic and eschatological contexts. Quite a lot of Christians (trying to avoid replacement theology label) have accepted these definitions without question and research. These definitions have caused majority to build eschatological edifices with extremely weak foundations.

Majority of Christians cannot see the church in the tanack (also fooled by the old testament label) and so embraced Paul’s “olive tree grafting” concept without question -effectively making the church a sort of afterthought.

I strongly advise you to do your own research for proper definition of these names starting from Genesis (foundation of all things) paying careful attention to name changes specifically -: Abram to Abraham -note the wording of the name change pronouncement by God.
Jacob to Israel -note the name change pronouncement are exact same words as Abram’s.
Simon to Peter -Why Jesus still referred to him as Simon.

If one is able to put away the HANDCUFFS/INHIBITORS (i.e dogmas, religion, programmed beliefs) -very tough to do BTW and really research these definitions one will most likely come to an epiphany and discover who they really are in the imminent God’s scheme of things -extremely rewarding.

As you may have known I have been banned from the counter-missionary forum but have been following your posts on the forum. I stumbled on your blog today and thought to share my 2 cents. God bless you.

Folah caught a lot of flack at Messiah Truth, and now I understand (in large part) why:  here’s an outlook that doesn’t fit “inside the box” for any conventional Jewish or Christian category.

My response (so far) to Folah:

(1) Please elaborate.

(2) You’re indicating here that God has been, and is, doing something very different from what’s set forth in the plain language of the Old and New Testaments.  What is God’s plan?

(3) A different way of saying the same thing:  What is salvation?  Who can be saved?  How?

(4) You advised me [here] that you’re not a Christian, not a follower of Jesus.  On the one hand, if I might be so bold as to ask, wouldn’t it be advantageous to become one?  On the other hand, if you’re not religious at all, how do you come by such intense interest in TaNaKh, the “New Testament,” and “End Times?”

I look forward to your comments!

Proteus/William Tell

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