Joe Biden’s watch

A moment of growth, pertinent The William Tell Show

The fact that I had my facts wrong (They were misreported.) doesn’t change the lesson.  I will tell the story based on the facts as I understood them Wednesday morning 09/08/21.  The article I will link to has been rewritten since I first saved it on 09/01/21.

On August 26, 2021, during the American evacuation from Afghanistan, an Islamic State suicide bomber detonated a car bomb near the airport in Kabul.  The blast killed thirteen U.S. service members and more than 100 other Afghans.

On August 29, President Biden attended a “dignified transfer” of eleven service members’ remains, at Dover Air Force Base.  He held his hand over his heart throughout the ceremony.  Afterwards, the cameras kept rolling, and noticed him checking his watch.

The morning of September 8, Friend and high school classmate DBB posted this meme on FaceBook:

The “career criminal” referred to is George Floyd.

Here are the comments on DBB’s post.  I am the handsome guy with the beard.   I posted this link:  “Fact check: Biden honored service members killed in Kabul, checked watch during ceremony.”

KV is a Friend of DBB; we have a history.  She has commented on many of DBB’s posts, especially the political ones.  I have come to suspect she is a “follower,” in that she always merely agrees with DBB’s posts.

“Perceptions are real,” she says.  Well, do perceptions control reality?  Certainly it’s a fact that someone perceives something as she or he does.

So, there are those who will seize upon any excuse to continue to hate Joe Biden.  These are folks who began hating him long before the election.  While Donald Trump was President, they saw the nation as flying high, because he was the President; now that he’s not, they see the nation as going to hell in a handbasket, because a Democrat is President.

In recent days, I have wondered whether this is a problem that can be solved.  My supposition today has been that it is merely a feature of What Is, that I would be best to accept.

What about MY prejudices?

So, KV is a Trump lover and Biden hater.  Based on those facts, one can surmise that she’s also pro-gun and anti-abortion.  Of most people for whom one is true, the other two are true also.  However, those presumptions or prejudices are immaterial to the question of Joe Biden’s watch.  The only circumstance in which I might make them material, is if I want to change the subject because I’m “losing” the dispute about Joe Biden’s watch and want some different subject as to which I can “win.”

What prejudices do I deserve to carry as to KV?  Am I willing to accept her as “just the person” she is?  To open my mind to the fact that, notwithstanding all the things she’s said before, nothing can prevent her from saying some completely new thing now?

The fact is (This reflects my status as to any caller to The William Tell Show.), I have no idea what she is going to say now.

There is a great deal one does not know, or cannot know (Certainly, one cannot Know It All.), about the cosmos or about any one; and I am best thus to accept each person’s approach with a sense of awe.

Free Speech Handbook closes with these words:  “Awe in the face of the unknown may be the healthiest of all human postures.”

I am informed about what posture William Tell is best to take, as to each and every person who calls the show.  It is a significant departure from the way I have lived my life till now.  Scott Morrison’s  eighteen words, “The Whole Teaching,” apply:

No past, no future.
Open heart, open mind.
Complete attention, no reservations.
That is all.

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