Just the person

I’ve been working toward this for years.
I suspect this is how clairvoyants see the world.

It seems to be my call, to adopt a new way of looking at people:

See just the person.

Just the person as she or he is, at the moment.  No assumptions or judgments based on the person’s appearance or race or clothing.  No speculation about his or her past, or intentions, or future.  No preconceptions based even on my own personal history with him or her.

Just the person as he or she is, at the moment; with the needs or gifts the person brings to me right now.

The divine fire inside that person, which may resonate to the divine fire within me.

This is similar enough to the eighteen words of Scott Morrison:

No past, no future;
Open heart, open mind;
Complete attention, no reservations.
That is all.

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