The banshee

Unusually many encounters this week
with people whose conduct is very abnormal.

She’s housed at the same shelter I am.  She was born male; I have no difficulty referring to her as female.  She’s had “top work” done’; I don’t know about “bottom work.”  Sometimes she speaks in a female voice, sometimes a male voice; sometimes she alternates.

From my diary for 12/15/21:

Last night, the banshee (the trans woman who throws trash everywhere) gave me a turkey sandwich from Royal Farms.  I ate it with supper.

Several days ago — She normally sits on the curb right by the driveway, across the street from me.  She came across the street and stood maybe ten feet away from me, and did this thing for several minutes of doing, like, a cheerleader dance; flailing her arms and twisting and turning and doing karate kicks and shouting.  Now, in days prior, she’d randomly do that in front of other people.  A few minutes later, she came back and did it again.

A few minutes later, she came back again, only did something different this time.  She stood maybe ten feet in front of me, and faced me, and bent over forward from the waist and shouted, “I’; straightened up, bent over again and shouted, “ain’t”; straightened up and bent over and shouted, “got;” continuing the bending and straightening on each word, “no — bull — shit.”  Took a couple seconds rest, and then did the whole thing again.  She did that five times, and then turned and walked back across the street.

A couple days ago, I was walking towards Royal Farms, and she was already in the parking lot, doing her cheerleader dance.  Then she starts walking toward me.  She shouts, “Shut the f**k up!”  A few seconds later, she shouts again, “I told you to shut the f**k up!”  She is shouting at some invisible person.

She hears voices.

This is consistent with my impression that a disproportionate number of transsexual people are, in short, mentally ill.  This is a bigger issue in their adjustment, than sexual or gender identity.

Yet the activists expect the world to turn itself upside down to accommodate them.

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There was this recent article by an LCSW who self-identifies as “queer,” about the innateness of trans identity in some persons:

As a gender specialist, I’ve seen kids as young as 3 recognize they are trans

She says:  “I’ve seen kids as young as 3 years old know what their gender is and how they identify.”  Well, I certainly hope so.  But is it only true of the trans?  “This is supported in the research, but so often adults are afraid and are more comfortable believing that children are too young to know. Parents, in a desire for certainty, prefer to believe the doctors got it right.”

The doctors didn’t flip a coin.  There is a factor, practically never mentioned in any of the current discourse on this subject, named by the word “anatomy.”

So, there’s a great deal about the transsexual or transgendered world that I don’t presume to understand.

What I am sure of is this:  I am determined to take each person I meet, accept each one, just as she or he is, as a child of God; regardless of any of his or her attributes.

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