Congress and the banshee

Can I pray for both?

Sunday morning 01/16/22, on my first smoke break, I sat as usual at the kiosk outside the casino.  On this occasion, I was pondering whether I might pray daily specifically for the Congress.  A distressing amount of confusion currently emanates from that body:

  • Ted Cruz is now calling the 01/06/21 Capitol riot a set-up job by the FBI.
  • Lindsey Graham is saying he won’t support Mitch McConnell unless McConnell has “a working relationship” with Donald Trump.
  • Many, if not most, Republican members still refuse to say out loud that Joe Biden won the election.

I generally won’t pray for any individual unless I’m asked; I generally don’t pray for categories of people.  But the current situation may require making an exception.

In the midst of my hands-wringing about national affairs, at the far side of the intersection, the banshee crossed from north to south, all six lanes, fussing at the top of her lungs and gesticulating wildly as she went.

I can concern myself either with distant abstractions and people I’ll never meet, or instead with the needs of the people I meet in the flesh from day to day.

One is unquestionably more important than the other.

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