Daily Archives: April 25, 2016

GoFundMe update

I’ve now updated my resume and have a PRETTY online version — but haven’t found a way to make the online version public. All the display sites I found demand graphics, and I am, like, SOOOO not into visuals.

There is also the limitation that, were I to connect to an online version from here, it would “blow the cover” of my stage name.

I might find a way to make it available to donors on request (hint, hint) …

Meanwhile, I can’t take lots of time trying to create a nice web page that won’t directly be involved in my finding work — at McDonald’s, or Dunkin’ Donuts, or 7-Eleven, etc. I probably should update my resume at CareerBuilder and Indeed; but otherwise, it’s time to start submitting actual applications online (e.g. Target, Save-A-Lot) and pounding the pavements.

Wish me luck!