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German Lopez on raceKinkyAre people resilient, or not?Terror in Sub-Saharan Africa

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After police shot a black cop, the police chief made an alarming comment about racial bias

One remark by one individual means this one doesn’t belong in my list of headlines about race. Lopez does, however, summarize a number of alarming studies about the attitudes of white Americans, especially police, toward blacks.

Again, the attitudes of black folk either aren’t studied, or aren’t reported.

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Homo sapiens’ sex with extinct species was no one-night stand

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Most people aren’t resilient to life’s hardships, researchers find

Personal resilience is of interest to me, as a necessary outcome of self-love.

This article isn’t particularly helpful. Basically, previous research concluded people ARE resilient; this current research concludes they’re not. Which is it?

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Genocide suspect Ladislas Ntaganzwa flown to Rwanda for trial


I find precious little awareness among Americans of African Descent of the horrors people of color in Africa have inflicted upon each other.

Political correctness, of course, insists it be kept on the down low.

The Rwandan genocide was a highly orchestrated mass killing of members of the Tutsi population by Hutus. It was said that the killers operated like civil servants, beginning their activity at 9:00 a.m. daily and quitting “work” and going home at 5. Clergy were implicated in the murders of their own parishoners. Directions to the murderers were at times broadcast over standard-broadcast radio stations.

In the wake of the slaughter, apprehending reprisals, tens of thousands of Hutus fled to what became refugee camps in neighboring Burundi and Congo. Armed gangs soon enough re-organized themselves here, gaining possession of heavy weapons and terrorizing the international aid workers and their own people.

Likewise on the down low is the history of Charles Taylor, whom Wikipedia inexplicably refers to as a “Liberian politician.” During his 11-year reign of terror in Sierra Leone, child soldiers whom he zapped up with methamphetamines went from village to village chopping off non-combatants’ hands and feet.  His activity gave rise to the term “blood diamond.”

There is actually a lesson here for African Descent people in the United States today, albeit it flies in the face of political correctness.  Whoever takes ownership of his or her personal power and the concomitant responsibility, will not engage in mayhem.


Burundi ruling party accuses Rwanda of ‘exporting’ genocide

The Rwandan genocide occurred during the Burundian civil war.

In colonial times, the two countries were fused. The principal ethnic groups in both are the Hutus and the Tutsis. The minority Tutsis, who are taller than the Hutus, were favored under colonial rule. These were also the ethnic group of the pre-colonial monarchies. “Those individuals who owned more than ten cows were normally described as Tutsi.”

The Burundian civil war continued until 2006.

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