* Don’t mess with the Easter bunny …

Don’t mess with the Easter bunny …Anarchy in the streetsWhy Trump is winningThe stewardess took her shoes off and ranReturn of the drama queenAnd if he’d been white?

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Don’t mess with the Easter bunny …

Man Dressed As Easter Bunny, Parent Charged After Jersey City Mall Fight
Girlfriends of 2 men involved in Easter Bunny mall fight continue spat after court hearing
Hoppin’-mad dad brawls with Easter Bunny

… especially if you have open warrants.

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Anarchy in the Streets: ACLU Leader Claims There’s No Such Thing as Illegal Protest

A related previous piece by the same author:  Pushing Back Against Black Lives Matter, Bill Seeks Restitution for Protest Costs

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Why Trump is winning: His supporters think America is screwing over whites

I agree with the headline.

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Flight attendant who ditched heels, fled LAX security nabbed

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Return of the drama queen

Baltimore Students Bring Attention To ‘Forced Assimilation’ Of Their Identities Through Protest

City College students stage protest, ditch uniforms as ‘forced assimilation’

Here is disruption for disruption’s sake.

It’s all about the self-aggrandizement of one individual.

Who happens to be getting national press.

Previous:  Drama queens and kings in Baltimore

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A Black Mail Man Got Arrested on the Job — And You Probably Didn’t Hear About It

Actually — I don’t know where Lisette Mejia has been. — this has been ALL OVER my Yahoo! News feed this past week.

She concludes with a fair question: “Would this have happened if Grays was white?”

Seems to me another fair question: Would we have heard about it, if Grays was white?

By exactly the same token:

There Was a Mass Shooting Last Night, But You Won’t Hear About It

A brief, acerbic commentary about an event that actually got a lot of press. To what do we attribute the predicted media ignorance: racist insistence that black victims don’t matter, or anti-racist insistence that black perpetrators don’t exist?

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