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Why racism no longer matters to me

The last straw for certain things came with a Baltimore Sun front page banner headline:

Skepticism, despair as killings continue
Residents question city response; Four day death toll stands at 12.

I anticipate no response from Julia CravenJenee Desmond-HarrisTa-Nehisi CoatesStacey Patton, or Brittney Cooper.[*]

What was the last straw?

In short, it’s time for me to stop concerning myself with racism and race.

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* Racism study has the wrong people smiling.

Something As Simple As Smiling Can Help Curb Racial Bias, Study Suggests

Three hundred college students, mostly white, were divided into two groups. The first group watched videos in which a white person acted cordially toward a black person, e.g. smiling. The second group watched videos in which a white person snubbed a black person. After watching the videos, students in the first group showed relatively more positive attitudes towards blacks. Students in the second group showed relatively more negative attitudes toward blacks.

All this really tells me is that some white folk adopt the attitudes other white folk model.

I’m ready to regard the study itself as racist.
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* A case on point about choosing thoughts, feelings

From my diary for Friday 2015-05-01:

Ta-Nehisi Coates has had two “provocative” HuffPost columns in two days.  Wednesday she decried calls for calm in Baltimore.  Yesterday she used the incident of Toya Graham’s confrontation of her son, to blame white people for every incident of violence among blacks.  [P.S. 12:00.  Correction: The latter was by Stacey Patton.] I may yet respond to the latter, but it’s best I not do so today.  I need to direct my thoughts and choose my feelings, and I feel immeasurably better when I focus on my own affairs than when I allow myself to get engaged with her turmoil.  Today’s task is to prepare materials for the prayer course; and it will be no excuse if I tell my students I came unprepared because she distracted me.

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