* Racism study has the wrong people smiling.

Something As Simple As Smiling Can Help Curb Racial Bias, Study Suggests

Three hundred college students, mostly white, were divided into two groups. The first group watched videos in which a white person acted cordially toward a black person, e.g. smiling. The second group watched videos in which a white person snubbed a black person. After watching the videos, students in the first group showed relatively more positive attitudes towards blacks. Students in the second group showed relatively more negative attitudes toward blacks.

All this really tells me is that some white folk adopt the attitudes other white folk model.

I’m ready to regard the study itself as racist.

The study itself refers to the whites in the videos as “actors,” and the blacks as — “targets.”

Why can’t black folks be “actors?”

Political correctness forbids it.

Political correctness holds blacks as powerless, objects to be pushed around by the powers that be; pawns that cannot think for themselves, but live wholly at the mercy of whites’ capricious whims.

Under political correctness, “The single most forbidden subject is how people act — who are black.” (Link)

Ta-Nehisi Coates would forbid Barack Obama from talking about how people act — who are black.

The study that is needed will have all black actors — and no “targets.” One set of videos will show blacks acting favorably toward each other. Other videos will show blacks fussing. Let all who watch them be black also.

My hypothesis: disharmony among blacks intensifies both (1) negative attitudes among blacks, toward blacks, and (2) belief in white privilege.

But it won’t happen so long as the radio stays tuned to whites-only stations.

Reblogged 2021-12-30.

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