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Why do roses have thorns?

Are thorns happy?

Friday, December 1, Bounce showed Steven Seagal’s Above the Law.

He always plays opposite some eye candy, a term I learned from a Doonesbury strip about Uncle Duke’s presidential campaign.  In Above the Law, it was Sharon Stone.  In On Deadly Ground, it was Joan Chen, a Chinese actress cast as a Native American, with no real function but to look nice and follow him around.

“Eye candy” isn’t a mere phrase.  I saw again that when I see a pretty woman, such as Stone in that scene, I get a sweet taste in my mouth.  This is a physiological reaction, and potentially raises lots of questions about how we respond to beauty — or ugliness.

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I have much the same reaction whenever I see a rose.

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Quotation from Michael Eric Dyson

Some time ago, a Facebook friend shared a Baltimore Sun op-ed by Richard Rowe, “A recommendation for Baltimore’s white liberal establishment.”  In it, Rowe quotes the below passage from a New York Times op-ed by Michael Eric Dyson, “Death in black and white.”  Dyson alleges many things here, and his statement deserves examination from various angles.  I anticipate referring to this quotation several times in the near future.

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What is Cory Booker so afraid of?

What is Cory Booker so afraid of?Michele Bachmann and the bogey manWhen a $1 billion divorce award isn’t enoughTed Cruz, plagiarist?“Police wouldn’t be there if you weren’t killing each other.”

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