Boy murdered over birthday cake

The murder of Jack GarciaThe GOP circusJon Stewart’s racism

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The murder of Jack Garcia:

Tuesday  2015-07-07
Child Beaten for Taking Birthday Cake Dies

Wednesday 2015-07-15
Police: Birthday cake beating followed week of handcuffing

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The GOP circus

Wednesday 2015-07-22: Donald Trump has accomplished what no other GOP candidate has done: divide the country without mentioning religion.

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When Jon Stewart’s Black Impersonation Crossed The Line For ‘Daily Show’ Scribe Wyatt Cenac

The politically correct, of course, never admit their own racism. If I had a TV, I’m not sure I’d watch Stewart; he seems to enjoy using language that will be unwelcome in my home. Related: The word of the day

Originally posted 2015-08-17.

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