Who failed Relisha Rudd? and other stories

Who failed Relisha Rudd?  •  I’m in love.  • Choosing thoughts, feelingsNamesAnimal souls

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Jonetta Rose Barras: Relisha Rudd and the unbroken cycle of bad D.C. schools

“Education is the key to changing a culture that failed Relisha Rudd.”

I disagree.

Barras’ proposal is tantamount to throwing money at the problem.

I have opined about school failure here:  Chaos Overwhelms the Poor

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I’m in love with Linh Bui.

She is reporter for WJZ News (The bio is misleading. She appears almost daily.)

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014. Putting my things on my bunk tonight, I was afraid: I had $4 in bills to last me the rest of the week. But I’d run the figures several times, and I knew I was due to have $0.69 left come Sunday morning. I chose to pray with confidence and joy for the day when I’ll be financially secure and able to be generous to others.

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The murder of Najee Thomas

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From the pertinent article at Wikipedia:  “Bowerbirds /ˈbaʊərbɜrd/ make up the bird family Ptilonorhynchidae. They are renowned for their unique courtship behaviour, where males build a structure and decorate it with sticks and brightly coloured objects in an attempt to attract a mate.”

More amazing images are available here.

(Originally posted 05/12/14.)

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