Attitude …

… can make a hard situation easy, or make an easy situation hard.

To enter the shelter, you walk across this parking lot to an iron gate, and then down these steps to the “smoke pit,” an 8 x 20′ area with benches where we sit until they call us in, in groups of six, to register for this night. One does this every day.

Sunday 07/01/12 about ten of us were sitting in the smoke pit when Perry saw Fallon at the top of the stairs. Talking into the air, Perry said: “Every day, it’s ‘Why am I coming in here?’ It’s ‘cuz you’ve got no place else to go.”

Fallon sat down and said, “Why am I coming in here?”

Fallon doesn’t say much, but what he does say is full of complaints about the shelter. He never speculates about how he might improve his situation. I first saw him a month or two ago, but from his knowledge of the inner workings of the mission, it’s clear he’s been coming here for years.


Attitude can make a hard situation easy, or an easy situation hard.

I rarely think about the fact I’m homeless.[*] I think about marketing The William Tell Show, other ways I might find work, or good things I can do at church. Seems to me this makes my situation easier — for me, and possibly everyone around me, too.

[*] In part this reflects the specific shelter that I’m in; about which, more in a later post.

(Originally posted 2012-07-02 at Trojan Horse Productions.  Reblogged 2014-04-16.)

2 thoughts on “Attitude …

  1. “Attitude can make a hard situation easy, or an easy situation hard” is worth examination because of the unequal applicability of its two clauses: The second one is much truer than the first, as hard circumstances may remain hard no matter what one does. In fact, keeping moral when things are tough is one of the hardest aspects of struggle in life. But I wish you success. Don’t let those who bring negativity into the environment get you down if this is at all possible.

    I’ve just finished dealing with such a person in my building—luckily, a piece of bad news that went away by itself, the obnoxious turd writing his own epitaph in the form of an eviction notice and permanent ban. He burglarized another tenant’s room, and I suspect the courts will revoke his bail when they find out he’s on the streets. A perfect example of how attitude converts an easy situation into a loss.

    Also amazed you can remember what happened July 1 of six years ago, as I have trouble with last week! Do you keep a diary?

    1. Delighted to hear from you!

      I do keep an extensive diary. However, it turns out (per the note in italics at the very end) that that post first appeared on my old blog the day after the events reported. I reposted it in 2014, apparently, and then again just now.

      A story similar to yours: There’s been a half dozen times over the years when I was compelled to pray (day after day for weeks, usually) for or about some individual at the shelter. In every single situation, things got better.

      Now, many months after this post, Fallon himself became such a person. His conduct had become A Problem. Things got better — that problem got solved — when he got into a major incident with someone and wound up getting himself barred out. He’s gone forever and can never come back.

      Problem solved!

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