George Ritchie’s near-death experience

Doing background research for some forthcoming posts, I had to track down George Ritchie’s quotation of the proverb, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

The online copy I found of his report of his near-death experience is not well-written, nor is it well-formatted, but the story is so compelling I thought best to share the below link with my readers now.  I urge you to read it.

Heaven and Hell:  Dr. Ritchie’s near-death experience

Dr. Ritchie found himself in a realm where “souls,” as it were, of people who had “died,” intermingled freely among folk who were still living, and for the most part one could not tell one from another; except that (1) all physical objects in the material world as we know it were, to those in the spiritual world, insubstantial, and vice versa.  (2) As it were, apparently all auras were completely evident to those in the spiritual world; meaning that there was no concealing one’s thoughts and feelings from anybody.  All were completely obvious.

This had some ramifications.

Since hypocrisy is impossible because others know your thoughts the minute you think them, they tend to group with the ones who think the same way they do.  In our own plane of the existence, earth, we have a saying, “Birds of a feather flock together.”  The main reason that they stick together is because it is too threatening to be with beings with whom you disagree when they know it.

“Souls” of any given mindset tended to associate with living persons of like mindsets.  But it also seems to me to be what we see folk trying to do in the material world, in our incarnate lives, in residential segregation and self-segregation, in the demands for “safe spaces,” and in the safe spaces or “echo chambers” that already exist in the worlds of broadcast media, websites and so forth.

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