Wisdom teaching in poor black homes

Family classes tied to better school performance for poor kids

On re-reading the article, I find that my memory was wrong:  the program did not consist primarily of in-home interventions.  Practically everything occurred outside the home.  Note how much intense training the parents received.

“Wisdom,” as I have used the term, refers principally to emotional intelligence or emotional maturity.  I have discussed before (1) (2) how chaotic versus orderly contexts inhibit the development of emotional maturity.  I have also discussed (1) (3) emotional maturity as the principal factor in school success.

I have no idea what they’re referring to as “mental health problems.”

I have some ambivalence about the study’s focus on specifically black children.  I have to wonder if justice might demand the program be offered to all poor children, regardless of color.  On the other hand, it has certainly been anathema, for decades, to voice any supposition that there may exist any dysfunction in any black home.

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