Facing a panhandler

Don’t torture your conscience over whether or not, on any given occasion, to give or not give to a panhandler.

Go with your gut.

Your very first emotional impulse won’t (and shouldn’t) pertain to whether or not the person’s an addict or mentally ill, or even his or her physical appearance.  If your mind kicks in, you can puzzle forever whether the person will use your gift consistent with self-love (wealth creation) or instead self-destruction (contempt), and you’ll never arrive at an answer.

Those who claim to see auras say we all see them, whether we know it or not.  In recent months, it’s become clear to me that the auras of “makers” (those prone to honor their bootstraps) are bright, and those of “takers” (prone to trash their bootstraps) are dark.  I react to this viscerally, whether with revulsion or joy, even from a distance of 30 feet.

In fact, I’ll bet you do, too.

The correct response to a dark aura is to visualize the person as surrounded with brilliant white light.  This is the best thing you can do psychically to benefit the person, and also the best thing you can do for yourself.  See the image of God in this individual even if she or he isn’t showing it to you himself or herself.  I’m convinced this is what Jesus did.  It has not yet become habitual for me.

So as to whether to give or not give, go with your gut, and trust in your heart that, on any occasion, you will have done rightly for both the panhandler and yourself.  If you do make a mistake in this regard, on any occasion, it’s no great sin.

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