* The mayor’s conference on black-on-black crime …

… apparently went just as anticipated.

City leaders call on black men to mentor youths and stop the violence

“The usual suspects” — those you’d expect — all showed up — and none of the people who needed to.

It was like a PTO meeting at the school where I taught. The parents who came were never the ones we teachers really needed to see. Those we wanted to see never came.

To influence those who can most directly affect the level of crime in the City, the conference would better have been held at the detention center.

The news coverage in advance of the conference never touched on a crucial question: Is black-on-black crime in the City actually any worse than crime in general? 81% of last year’s homicides involved black victims of black perpetrators; but how does that compare with the City’s racial makeup?

Also notably absent were anyone from local broadcast media giant Radio One or its station 92Q. 92Q is the only radio station one hears in public spaces in Barclay, and probably the single greatest influence in Baltimore on what young black males think of themselves and each other.

Reblogged 2021-07-22.

2 thoughts on “* The mayor’s conference on black-on-black crime …

  1. Was this the call to action? I attended and grabbed the microphone and offered my plan and ideas. I was taken to the back by Stephanie Rawlings Blake’s brother. I was told the Mayor’s Office will be calling. They never called.

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