* We Are All One

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we are oneJust because man has created religions that separate us on earth, does not mean it separates God or that it separates us from God. Religions were created to explain the unexplainable, to name the unnamable. Separation does not come from God, it comes from the flawed human ego.

When one removes the earthly “EGO” concepts of the right way or the wrong way and simply chooses and practices a path solely to connect oneself with God, the separations no longer matter.

The primary purpose of religion was supposed to be a connection to God. It is the road one takes to find that connection to source. When we drop all the dogma and religious bindings what is left is God. A simple connection to source that is the starting point for everything else.

Study the prophets, the masters, the religious icons, you will find these people did not speak to…

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