* Sterling’s companion done in by her own words, recordings

Sterling’s companion done in by her own words, recordingsThese devastating videos shatter every stereotype about the homelessChild abuseDr. Oz Needs to Go, Other Docs SayTelepathy in the news

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V. Stiviano

Sterling’s companion done in by her own words, recordings

I’ll gladly rescue her.

The article does little to substantiate the headline.

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Dr. Oz Needs to Go, Other Docs Say

I’m no fan of Dr. Oz.

Some of the headlines attached to this article at different places lead one to believe the complainers are colleagues of his at Columbia University. They’re not. Accordingly, it can be said that they have no “standing;” that they really have no say.

Not exactly in his defense, I am aware of at least one website that fraudulently claims he has endorsed the fraudulent claims of its fraudulent products; it markets them as “his” products. It incorporates his name into its URL. Unfortunately, it’s entirely possible that he can’t do anything to stop them. This particular site is not at all well done; however, these days a glossy, sophisticated, fake site is not at all hard to produce.

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These devastating videos shatter every stereotype about the homeless

I suppose it’s expected that, as a homeless blogger, I will routinely complain about the travails of the homeless.  I don’t.

The tweets, etc., quoted here nonetheless surely are discouraging.

Whereas the text and videos show well enough that we homeless aren’t all drunks, addicts and/or mentally ill,  there is effectively an under-representation of those of us who are.

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Whereas all prejudice may be wrong, I don’t know that prejudice against the homeless is any worse, inherently, than prejudice against the police or against the Tea Party.

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Carolyn Hax: How can I keep the peace when grandma abuses my kids?

To me, this was a heartbreaking story.  Carolyn Hax correctly steps in to identify and address the “boundary” or “borderline” issues typical of anyone who has grown up in abuse.

I confess that my very first response on reading this was, “This woman must be white.”  It is unfathomable to me that such conduct is far more likely to be accepted among blacks than whites; but it is.

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Wife’s Intuition Saves Husband Trapped Under Fallen SUV

Reblogged 2021-07-29.

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