Victoria Martens follow-up

Trials, convictions and sentencing

The narrative set forth in my earlier post was based on initial statements the mother, Michelle Martens, made to police.  Prosecutors determined that this would not stand up at trial, and set forth a different scenario.

They now theorize that Michelle Martens and Fabian Gonzales were away from the apartment when the child was attacked.  Jessica Kelley was present in the apartment, but highly intoxicated.  The attacker was either Kelley herself, or an unidentified male who somehow entered the apartment at that time.  An unknown male’s DNA was found on the child’s body.

The current reports do not state that Victoria was sexually assaulted, and they make no mention of her younger brother.

The sentences have been quite substantial.

2022-07-15 — Kelley halted clean up of body, turned focus to killing co-defendants – Albuquerque Journal (

2022-07-28 — Neighbor noticed change in Victoria’s demeanor (

2022-07-30 — Victoria Martens’ mother is final trial witness (

2022-08-01 — Jury convicts Fabian Gonzales on all counts (

2022-10-27 — Sentence handed down for slaying of New Mexico girl | AP News

2022-11-10 — Mother sentenced for role in slaying of New Mexico girl | AP News

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