Life course persistent offenders, …

… also known as psychopaths.

These individuals account for 1% of the general population, 25% of the prison population, and 50% of all crime.  Put differently, 10% of the population commit 90% of the crime; but this one tenth of the criminals, commit five times as much crime.

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Heather Weeden

She’s a real piece of work.

09/07/01 — PEOPLE v. REED — Appellate court decision rising from the carjacking and murder committed by Weeden and her two twin cousins.  Psychopathy is a genetic condition; 50% of psychopaths have a sibling or parent who also has the condition.

10/13/21 — Man charged with trying to disarm deputy

01/23/22 — $85K bail for woman accused of setting fires in Lansing Walmart, causing $4.5M in damages

Nathan Winston Stephens

He was arrested in October 2020, but then apparently let go.  The news reports are silent as to why.

09/15/20 — Suspect released from prison 2 days before allegedly murdering man in Cullman

01/28/22 — Nathan Stephens gets 75 year sentence for not registering as sex offender

Ellis Jamal Gray

Man denied bail in ‘unspeakably violent assault’ in Modesto

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