The disappearance of the Lyon sisters

1975 “cold” case solvedWhen addicts have babiesBlack self-segregation

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The disappearance of the Lyon sisters

Thursday  2015-07-16
Imprisoned sex offender charged with murder in 1975 Lyon sisters case

Friday 2015-07-17
Police: Welch abducted Lyon sisters in 1975 to sexually exploit them
Much of this is based on recent statements Lloyd Welch made to investigators.  They believe he may not have acted alone.

Friday 2015-07-31
Officials: 2 family members implicate Richard Welch in Lyon sisters case

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When life begins in rehab: A Md. baby heals after a mother’s heroin addiction

It’s beyond me why addicts get pregnant.

Note the high incidence of “dual diagnosis” in this population.  Note also that the child’s disadvantage may stem less from addiction during pregnancy, than from growing up in a chaotic home.  Related:  A landmark study.

“At 20, she began selling heroin.  … Over the next decade, she gave birth to a disabled son, lived in a car and was jailed five times for theft, credit-card fraud and other crimes she said she committed for drug money. Released from jail last September, she was using heroin again by the end of the month. In October, she discovered she was pregnant with Makenzee.”

“More than three-quarters of the women in the program have some form of mental illness; many take medication for depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or post-traumatic stress syndrome, said Lauren Jansson, the center’s director of pediatrics.”

“Research has not found devastating long-term consequences for newborns who go through withdrawal. Such children tend to fare poorly by most health and socioeconomic measures, but it’s not clear whether that’s the result of the drugs in their systems at birth or their subsequent upbringing in often terrible homes by parents prone to drug use.”

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What Will Become of America’s Slums?

The article makes no real effort to answer the question.  I can: the slums will go wherever the people go who create them.

That doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the article.

It examines the implications of the recent Supreme Court decision in Inclusive Communities Project v. Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs, which decision would mandate the dispersal of subsidized housing units into prosperous, i.e. white, neighborhoods.

Related:  Doubts about Brown v. Board

The article is very unusual in that it actually reports expressions from black people who don’t toe the party line.

Related:  No one cares what black folk think.

In short, they’re not so keen on desegregation.

“Hyper-segregation” has been asserted and blamed as one of the underlying causes of the Freddie Gray riots.  No study has been done that I know of, however (Again, “No one cares …”), of to what extent black folk choose to segregate themselves.

I’m no fan of segregation.  However, the politically correct ignore the role of the people’s own choices in effecting the quality of life in any neighborhood.

Related:  The great questions of our time

Originally posted 2015-08-24.

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