It’s my own fault.

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On December 1, 2021, this ad appeared on FaceBook:

On his website, Rasaji describes himself as follows:

From my diary for that day:

I could probably just as well not tell this story; but this is today’s drama.  I regard the telling as basically a bowel movement involving stiff stool:  let it out, let it go.

So, Rasaji had this ad this morning, image above, saying their podcast Episode 28 tells how to get to 5D (the fifth dimension) and stay there.  Not exactly the subject matter I’d expect from a Patriot and a lama.

So, later on, I decided to try to give it a listen. I did not find Episode 28 right away. I found, instead, Episode 26, which is about balance. 90 minutes. Listened to the first few minutes. Rasaji was referring to God the Father as “Abba.” I don’t think a real lama would refer to God the Father at all.

In all the images of this podcast, he sits there with this smile that says to me, “This is all a fraud, and I’m-a perpetrate it.”

So, this sent me into a heck of a funk, that lasted quite some time. Am I to go around trying to expose every fraud?

It would come to me hours later, that Hinduism has dozens of gods, and I don’t get all bent out of shape over THEM

So, I set myself to being present; to focusing on what I actually do believe; and letting go of all else, just as one lets go of stool.  This took a lot of effort.

I eventually did find Episode 28.  75 minutes.  Getting to 5D is a matter of following Rasaji’s teachings, says Jimmie. Staying there — Rasaji got into all this stuff about the meaning of “born again.”

I would not expect the expositor of a Buddhist or Taoist tradition that dates from 10,000 years ago, to be expounding on the New Testament.

This all really flipped me out, leaving me seriously disoriented.  It took several hours of diligent effort, bringing my attention back again and again and again to the immediate present, to the things I know for sure and believe for sure, before I felt my feet were back on the ground.

It’s my own fault.  If I were chronically mindful, I would eventually focus my energies and attention on what I will have discovered it is I want in life, and I would summon the courage to work toward those goals — instead of dissipating my time and energy in attention to every bit of nonsense I encounter on the Web.

“Master Lama” appears to be a title Rasaji invented for himself.  A Web search on this term does not find any reference to anyone else.

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